Thetotal permanent disability is an economic benefit provided to citizens who are unable to work in their usual profession. Thiseconomic reward can be obtained when a person applies to the government where he/she must meet a series of requirements to be accepted. Some of these requirements are the recognition of disability, whether due to injury, industrial accident or prolonged illness.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Total Permanent Disability

One of the main errors or misconceptions that people often have about this condition is that once you have been granted it prevents you from working. Actually this is completely false since a person who has a recognized total permanent disability can perform another job without any type of prejudice with his benefit, as long as this other job is compatible with his activity as an employee or self-employed.


incapacidad permanente

Advantages of Permanent Total Disability

  • You will be able to benefit from reductions of the IRPF.
  • It allows you to continue working as long as it is not in your disabled profession.
  • There is aid for the purchase and adaptation of housing.
  • You pay less in public transportation.
  • Reduction in the price of medicines.

Disadvantages of Total Permanent Disability

  • It is not for life, if your situation has improved and you can do without it, it can be revoked.
  • It obliges you to depend solely on it.