Advantages and disadvantages of Safari (Web Browser)

Safari is a web browser code developed by Apple Inc. On January 7, 2003 the first version of Safari was released and since then it has positioned itself as one of the most popular web browsers. Between 2007 and 2012 Safari was supported on Windows, although it is currently only supported on operating systems developed by Apple (Mac OS, iOS, iPadOS).


Advantages and disadvantages of Safari

Below we are going to present a series of pros and cons about the web browser developed by the famous bitten apple company.

Advantages of Safari

  • Very Fast. It allows fast loading of HTML and CSS, allowing fast loading of any website.
  • High Security. It offers high protection against computer attacks. It also has privacy options that allow you to forget the searches performed or access data.
  • It offers high protection against computer attacks.
  • Easy synchronization. It synchronizes easily with other devices. It is the only web browser with iCloud support.
  • Familiar interface. It offers an intuitive interface. It allows you to perform actions such as sending files without leaving the browser. These types of options are designed to provide convenience to the user. 

Disadvantages of Safari

  • Few customization options. Compared to other browsers such as Google Chrome it offers fewer customization options.
  • Safari offers less customization options.
  • Not all websites are optimized for this browser.  Some websites present display errors while browsing.
  • Some websites do not have display errors while browsing.
  • It is not compatible for all operating systems. As of 2012 Safari is only compatible for operating systems developed by Mac.