Advantages and disadvantages of Opera (Web Browser)

There are many web browsers available today. Many users wonder which one is the most suitable for their needs. Below we are going to present a series of advantages and disadvantages of Opera to help solve this question.


Opera advantages and disadvantages

Opera is a web browser with open source components created by the company Opera Sotfware (Norway) in 1995. Opera is a browser that uses the blink rendering engine, it is also compatible for different devices of different brands. It is licensed freeware and is available in 61 languages.

Advantages of Opera

  • Easy to use Very easy to use. Allows you to create shortcuts easily.
  • Pioneer in add-ons. It was the first browser to incorporate features such as zoom or integrated search.
  • Compatible with any operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac OS). It can be used on any operating system without any problem.
  • Compatible on different devices. There are versions of Opera for smartphones, game consoles (Nintendo Wii) and tablets. Opera has been adapted to the different electronic devices by creating versions for each one.

Disadvantages of Opera

  • Slow speed. It installs many add-ons and plugins that considerably reduce browsing speed
  • It is usually set as auto default browser. This is not a big problem but can be annoying for some users.
  • It is often set as a default browser automatically.
  • Few updates. Therefore small bugs take longer to fix.
  • Small bugs take longer to fix.
  • Small bugs.
  • We cannot customize the window design. Compared to other browsers it offers fewer customization possibilities