ADVANTAGES and DISADVANTAGES of online education (Benefits)

The online education, or online education, is a sector of education that is constantly growing, largely due to the many benefits it brings with it. If we look at the advantages and disadvantages of online education, we see that the benefits come out on top.

With the constant development of technology, online education is expected to spread more and more, taking advantage of the new formats and media that are made available. In addition, at specific and special times, such as what happened globally in 2020, online education is the best option if you want to maintain the teaching level in areas where there can be no contact between people.

Advantages and disadvantages of online or distance education

Advantages of online education

  • It facilitates access to education, since it does not require people to be located in a specific place.
  • Facilitates new types and forms of education, which could not be provided through conventional education.
  • Events the need for the use of the Internet in education.
  • It avoids the need to travel to the place where the classes are given, thus saving time and money and, therefore, energy. This, in turn, promotes an improvement in the education of people with mobility problems, whether physical, economic, or territorial.
  • It is much more flexible in all aspects, since it gives freedom of schedule to those who want to attend such education.

Disadvantages of online education

  • It requires extra effort and discipline, since it is not as rigid as conventional education, which can be negative in some cases.
  • When not implemented in the right way, it can be less effective than conventional education.
  • The student will not have the same company as in a conventional classroom, which at certain ages could be negative in their development.