ADVANTAGES and DISADVANTAGES of One Drive (Benefits)

OneDrive is the cloud storage service provided by Microsoft, one of the most relevant companies in the technology sector worldwide. Although it has its own advantages and disadvantages, it is arguably one of the most complete and robust options in the industry today.

With Microsoft OneDrive you can not only store all kinds of files and synchronize them on all your previously configured devices, but you can also access Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint from the cloud itself. As if this were not enough, users who are allowed access to our files, you can edit them online simultaneously. This feature is what most differentiates OneDrive within the cloud storage industry.

Advantages of Microsoft OneDrive

  • It includes access to the online versions of Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook, allowing several people to edit the file synchronously.
  • It allows to synchronize files between all our devices to be able to access them without needing access to a connection in the future.
  • The paid account offers 1TB of storage, quite competent compared to the other options.
  • It has additional software for Android, iOS and Windows that facilitates the use of the service to get the most potential out of it.

Disadvantages of Microsoft OneDrive

  • The free account offers one of the poorest storage on the market, at only 5TB. In addition, this version does not include the Office package, so the tool loses all the potential that characterizes it and makes it stand out. For this reason, if your account is going to be free, we do not recommend using this service (better take a look at, which offers 50TB for free).