Advantages and disadvantages of moodle (pros and cons)

Moodle is an open source learning management platform. Creating virtual classes, opening forums or uploading files of any type (text, video, audio,…) are some of the many features of moodle.


Advantages and disadvantages of moodle

The first version of moodle appeared on August 20, 2002, since then it has become the largest educational platform. Currently it has more than 200 million users, being widely used in academia. In the following article we are going to show a series of advantages and disadvantages of the following platform.

Advantages of moodle

  • Very customizable. As it is an open source platform it allows many customization options.
  • Zero cost. The platform is free. It couldn’t be cheaper.
  • Multitude of communities. Being the most used education platform, it has many and varied communities.
  • Compatible.
  • Compatible with any browser. It works in any browser and operating system. Great Accessibility.

Disadvantages of moodle

  • Graphical interface is not very advanced. The interface does not offer many new features compared to other platforms.
  • It can sometimes be difficult to use. Some environments are somewhat complex, may be uncomfortable for novice users.
  • Segaly, but it can be difficult to use.
  • Fragile security. Depending on the security policies and technical infrastructure at the time of installation.
  • A small server failure or internet service downtime can leave the user without the possibility of using it for quite some time.