Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

Internet has flooded all areas of our society in the last two decades at an overwhelming speed. Thanks to the increase in new technologies, the usability of these technologies and the worldwide development of communications, it has been able to expand faster and faster.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Internet

A few years ago performing some tasks that today we consider very simple could be quite a challenge. Can you imagine traveling to another country without having Google Maps always available at your fingertips? Or remember when you were a child you went to look for your friends house to house to ask if they could go out? It is clear that the advent of the Internet has changed the habits of a large number of people, who now even depend so much on this wonderful invention that they could not live without it. Here are some of its advantages.


Advantages of the Internet

  • Access to any type of information from a completely remote location
  • Enables communication between different devices anywhere in the world in real time.
  • It completely reduces the need to carry out work or interactions in person, favoring the optimization of many resources.
  • It makes it easier to access any type of information from a completely remote location.
  • It facilitates collaboration between people, the exchange of ideas or the transfer of knowledge.
  • Its use favors organization and management, whether in personal or professional environments.

Disadvantages of the Internet

  • The overwhelming capacity of the Internet makes us be exposed to a large amount of information, which produces over-stimulation.
  • It is a resource that is also available to people who commit crimes, and therefore, it is one more medium for crime and fraud.
  • It is a tool that can potentially be very addictive.
  • It reduces people’s mobility, and therefore makes us more sedentary and decreases our physical activity.