ADVANTAGES and DISADVANTAGES of globalization (Benefits)

globalization is a process of development in the political, social and economic environment that produces an increase in the interconnection between nations and cultures of the planet. In general terms, and looking in detail at the advantages and disadvantages of globalization, it could be stated that it is a positive process for most of the world’s population.

Although there are problems that are often related to the exploitation of non-renewable resources, and may generate environmental disadvantages, the truth is that globalization usually brings more advantages than disadvantages. Although the answer to the question of whether globalization is good is very polarized, and different answers can be found depending on the ideology of our interlocutor.

Advantages and disadvantages of globalization, and its main benefits

Advantages of globalization

  • It promotes the connection between economies and companies in a remarkable way, which directly influences the development of those same economies and companies.
  • It promotes interculturalism and respect for different cultures and ethnic groups, as well as equality among them. Many may call this false, but statistics show that the most globalized countries are also those with the greatest diversity of ethnicities and cultures.
  • In social terms,
  • It promotes interculturalism and respect for different cultures and ethnicities, as well as equality among them.
  • In social terms, globalization favors the emergence of new cultural movements which, in most cases, no longer have the geographical barrier of countries, but extend worldwide, which accelerates and enhances them much more.
  • It encourages tourism and migration of people to countries where they can find what they are looking for (certain job opportunities, standard of living, etc…)
  • Promotes the development of technology and its dispersion throughout the different economies. Any sufficiently innovative product or invention will end up being accessible in one way or another worldwide.

Disadvantages of globalization

  • By encouraging large-scale business, and basing it on the production of products and services using finite resources (the earth is not infinite), the effect of globalization on the environment can be lethal in the long term if appropriate measures are not taken. Although in theoretical terms, this is a problem derived from globalization, which has more to do with the use that is being made of resources, and not with globalization itself.
  • By encouraging dominant cultures and economies to expand over others, this can force smaller (and therefore no less worthy of subsistence) cultures to disappear. The same is true in economic terms, although in the business field this cannot be seen as a negative in theoretical terms.