Advantages and Disadvantages of GENETIC Manipulation

Genetic manipulation is the set of scientific and technological procedures that make it possible to modify or recombine DNA and other nucleic acids in living beings.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Genetic Manipulation

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Genetic manipulation is possible to genetic engineering, which consists of the use of biotechnology in order to modify the genes of an organism. Various actions can be performed such as deleting, duplicating or inserting genetic material.

The manipulation of genes is a topic that generates controversy in certain environments. In the following article we will show a series of advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages over genetic manipulation:

  • Medical advances in genetic and hereditary diseases. It allows the correction of the sequence of genes that have mutations slowing down the development of many diseases.
  • Design of more productive organisms. They have helped to increase food production. Since most of the food we eat comes from genetically modified crops or animals that have been genetically engineered.
  • They have helped to increase food production.
  • Drug production. Genetic manipulation of some bacteria makes possible the production of certain drugs. It also helps in the development of new drugs.
  • Ecological. It is a good tool to help clean up excessively polluted areas. For example, thanks to genetic engineering, bacteria are being developed that feed on plastic.
  • Application in Astronomy. For several years, genetic manipulation techniques have been applied to determine what kind of organisms could survive on other planets and make them habitable. These studies have been made possible thanks to astrobiology.

Disadvantages of genetic manipulation:

  • Side effects. As this is a technology that has been around for a short time it is still too early to know the long-term side effects. This factor may generate some mistrust
  • Margin of error. The application of these techniques has a maximum margin of error of 10%. However, it is unknown how accurately a genetic manipulation error affects as most of the techniques have only been applied for a short time.
  • Biological Weapons. These techniques can be used to create biological weapons.
  • Moral. It generates many moral doubts, since it involves the manipulation of a living being. It is considered something very negative from certain religious or philosophical points of view.
  • Environmental imbalance. Most genetic manipulation techniques have been applied in an agricultural setting. Although not enough time has passed to check if these techniques really damage the ecosystem.