Advantages and disadvantages of Communism

Communism in a political movement whose main objectives are the establishment of a classless society, based on social ownership of the means of production, the abolition of private ownership of the means of production, and seeks to bring the working class to power thus achieving the abolition of the state by the working class assuming all its functions.

Advantages and disadvantages of Communism

We could think that a priori everything seems very nice from a theoretical perspective but the reality is that the times in which it has been tried to carry out this has not had a very good result. Ideally, the communist system seems to have a lot of advantages and hardly any disadvantages, but in this post we will show you that it does not have to be so.


Advantages of Communism (Benefits)

  • It guarantees minimum conditions of income and public services to all members of society.
  • It promotes equality of opportunity since all people in a society would have the same rights and belong to the same social class.
  • The means of production would belong to the people, so they would not have to suffer abusive working hours or precarious conditions.
  • There would be no social classes, so social stratification and discrimination would also decrease.

Disadvantages of Communism (Harm)

  • It generates low competition environments where organizations stagnate and do not advance, which slows down the economy.
  • In the long term it is a system that collapses due to its poor economic vision in the face of the exchange of goods and services in a society.
  • There is no free trade market, so any job should receive the same economic remuneration which prevents people from making an effort to be rewarded.
  • It is a system that tends to be tremendously corrupt on the part of the regents of the system.