Advantages and Disadvantages of CHEMISTRY

Chemistry is the science that studies the structure, transformations and properties of bodies from their composition.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Chemistry

Brief History of Chemistry

The History of Chemistry is divided into four stages:

  1. The first goes back to Prehistory and ends in the third century BC Control of fire first, the development of mining later and, finally, the contributions of Greek philosophy are some of the most noteworthy contributions of this stage.
  2. The second stage runs from the middle of the fourth century B.C. to the sixteenth century A.D. It is known as the Alchemy Stage. There was a great development of Alchemy in the Eastern world.  Jabir ibn-Hayyan, nicknamed Geber in Europe, was one of the great figures of Alchemy. He made great contributions to chemistry such as the description of ammonium chloride or the development of a technique for making lead carbonate (albayalde).
  3. The third stage is located between 1650 and 1774, is known as The Phlogiston (To make burn). At this stage, experiments related to combustion in steam engines began to be carried out. It highlights Georg Ernest Stahl and his theory for flammability.
  4. The last stage spans from1774to the present. It would be necessary to highlight Antoine Laurent Lavoisier (1774-1794) who introduced quantitative meditation, associated combustion with oxygen and wrote Elementary Treatise on Chemistry, published in 1789.

After this brief summary of the History of chemistry we will present a series of advantages and disadvantages to learn more about this science.

Advantages of chemistry

  • Food. The development of chemistry has allowed us to improve the properties of some foods and preserve them for a longer time.
  • Hygiene. Behind this science is the production method of personal hygiene items (shampoo, deodorants,…)
  • Medicine. It enables the production of pharmaceuticals as well as assisting in the research of new drugs.
  • Transportation. Thanks to chemistry, the creation of new, more efficient types of fuels is possible.
  • New materials. It helps in the research and creation of new materials. For example, new types of plastics.

Disadvantages of chemistry:

  • Health. The excess of some chemical substances (such as some colorants and preservatives) can generate health problems in the medium and long term.
  • Pollution. Chemical industries generate a lot of impact on the environment. Highlighting the hole it has generated in the ozone layer.
  • Contamination. Chemical industries generate much impact on the environment.
  • Destructive purposes. It can be used to create very powerful and dangerous weaponry.