Advantages and Disadvantages of Beethoven X

Bethoven X is a Decentralized Exchange (DeX) platform associated with the Fantom network. Since it is a DEX, it is an “automated” protocol, i.e. the application works according to the code. There is no possibility that the conditions of the code can be modified at will by a third party, something that happens in the Centralized Exchanges (DEX).

Advantages and Disadvantages of Beethoven X

The platform offers more services than the exchange of currencies or swap, because you can establish Bridges or generate passive income by investing in pools.

The platform itself has its own token known as BEETS. This currency is used as payment currency for satking or as payment in the APR of the pools where we add liquidity. It also serves as a governance system, users decide certain aspects of the platform, such as the level of APR, add new coins….

Advantages of Beethoven X:

  • Multi-currency swaps, you can access pools of more than two coins at the same time.
  • Variable participation percentages, a pool does not need to have a 50-50 ratio, it can be 40-60 for example.
  • High liquidity, most of the pools have large amounts of assets.
  • Possibility to Stake.
  • Possibility to Stake.
  • No registration required, to be able to operate you only need to have a wallet compatible with Beethoven.

Disadvantages of Beethoven X:

  • APR stabilized, although not a disadvantage on its own it may be less attractive to some investors.
  • Disadvantages of Beethoven X:
  • Stabilized APRs.
  • There is not a wide variety of Pools.