Advantages and Disadvantages of Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a service provided by the logistics giant Amazon that literally provides you with virtually everything you could possibly need. It has huge advantages to be part of their premium service, as for a fairly reasonable price we can get a whole range of features.

Advantages and disadvantages of Amazon Prime

Among the main benefits that gives the prime service highlights one of the first to be introduced, shortening the delivery time of products purchased through Amazon, and is that this same service was the one that initially popularized the Prime branch, which has ended up becoming the service par excellence of the company, where they get their customers loyalty by offering a tremendously complete pack.

amazon prime

Advantages of Amazon Prime

  • Free, fast and totally secure shipping
  • Access to a whole range of series and movies with Prime Video.
  • Exclusive offers and shopping opportunities for Prime customers.
  • Free limited photo storage service.

Advantages of Amazon Prime

  • If you are still one of those people who prefer traditional shopping, i.e., in stores physically, this offer is not for you as all it offers is practically advantages in Online shopping.
  • It is a way to foster a monopoly of all products, items or services you buy.
  • Due to its enormous facilities to make purchases this platform encourages the unnecessary expenditure of money through Online shopping.